Sunday, April 03, 2005


Things That Somehow Didn't Make It To The TV News

If, as like most Americans, you got your news solely from TV and radio, you were told by the radio and TV networks that the week's big stories were 1) Terri Schiavo, 2) Pope John Paul II, and 3) Millenium Plot foiler Sandy Berger's being punished by BushCo for making copies of documents he himself created as National Security Adviser, then destroying the copies per regulations. But a couple of other things happened last week, too: -- Bush and Lott feud over base closures (and if you read between the lines, Bush's usurpation of the powers that are supposed to be vested in the Senate). -- Asian banks and governments are horrified that BushCo's people, in a sign of just how seriously (or rather, not seriously) they are taking the looming worldwide financial crisis they've created, have appointed Paul Wolfowitz, a BushCo/PNAC hack with no knowledge of international finance, to run the World Bank. -- Oh, and Abu Ghraib prison, where both Saddam-led and US-led forces have tortured Iraqis over the past few years, was attacked by car bombs and rockets, injuring dozens. Al-Qaeda says that they did it. (You remember Al-Qaeda, right? The guys that took out the World Trade Center and seriously trashed the Pentagon? The guys whose leadership George W. Bush swore he'd go after, but who are still running free three and a half years later?)

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