Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Three-Day Saudi Gun Battle Fails To Make US News

Thanks to Steve Gilliard for bringing this to our attention. Remember not so long ago, when Saudi Arabia loved to tout how safe and secure it was? How its total lack of democratic traditions made for a low crime rate? That's not the case any more. The gentlemen's agreement between the clerics and the House of Saud is cracking at the seams. And the Saudis are the Bush junta's best friends -- perhaps their only friends -- in that oil-rich area. And of course, this is a BBC story. You'll never hear about this on the American evening TV news. It might get mentioned, once, on NPR. If we're lucky. Nope, far more important to crucify Sandy Berger for trying to follow security guidelines by cutting up copies (not originals, but copies) of documents that Bush should be declassifying anyway.

Heh. I posted it at my blog!

Police raid turns bloody

Yo, missed ya from the old forums! Nice blog ya got.
I cannot believe our news media would ever report instability in Saudi Arabia

Alice Marshall
There are a few books on the subject, some very
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