Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The Bush Boom

Pat Buchanan, Larry Kudlow and other conservative Republicans like to talk about the "Bush Boom" in their NRO perches and on Sunday-morning gasbag shows like The McLaughlin Group, even as real wages for Americans are dropping like stones when adjusted for inflation, big corporations are allowed to default on their pension plans, and David Cay Johnston shows that we're seven million jobs behind from where we should be. The only "booms" going on under Bush are ones like these:

Marines surprised by insurgents' preparation for attack

James Janega,
Chicago Tribune

"... [Colonel] Davis described sophisticated attacks in which the detonation of a roadside bomb would be quickly followed by accurate mortar or rocket fire, then machine-gun fire as Marines raced to the area.

'They clearly have trained people,' he said. 'It looks rehearsed.'..."
Of course it's rehearsed. The Baathists have been training their people intensively over the past two years. And the folks fighting for them are so loyal that they're giving them an inexhaustible supply of suicide bombers. Meanwhile, the half-starved peasants the US is trying to turn into police and military officers run away at the earliest opportunity.

As someone who almost voted for Bush in his first term (ended up voting 3rd party, glad I did), the economy's in shambles. Bush is pro-illegal aliens and pro-outsourcing, two things that real conservatives can't stand. His environmental record is awful and as much as I hate Saddam Hussein, that's the UN's job, not ours. We should have been devoting our resources to catching and executing every single last one of Osama's friends, not a war on Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11.

So...Bush Boom? Where? I'm making literally half of what I was making when Clinton was president (and I'm not excusing Clinton, I can't stand him). And everyone I know is struggling.
I'm looking forward to Wolcott's war against Kudlow...
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