Saturday, May 14, 2005


Headlines one can't make up: Iraq elections may have made things worse

Iraq Elections May Have Made Things Worse By Hannah Allam Knight Ridder Saturday 14 May 2005 Baghdad, Iraq - Two weeks of intense insurgent violence have made it crystal clear that Iraq's parliamentary elections, hailed in late January as a triumph for democracy, haven't helped to heal the country's deep divisions. They may have made them worse. The historic election sheared off a thin facade of wartime national unity and reinforced ethnic and sectarian tensions that have plagued Iraq for centuries. (via Truthout

We weren't greeted with flowers and candy.

There weren't any WMD.

We didn't shut down Abu Ghraib's torture chambers.

Twice as many Iraqis are starving now than were before the invasion.

Women in Iraq once could wear Western dress, get degrees and have careers; now they're lucky if they can venture outside their houses in full hijab and not get raped.

And we've improved things how?
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