Sunday, May 08, 2005


Mandate? What Mandate?

Bush watches as his "mandate" slips away from him

An ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted during the first 100 days of his first term, April 19-22, 2001, showed 63 percent approved of Bush's handling of his job as president, with only 32 percent voicing disapproval. When the same polling firm posed that question to the public April 21-24, 2005, only 47 percent approved of the way Bush is handling his job, and 50 percent disapproved. [...] With [Bamboozlepalooza] drawing to a close, the results, at least where the president is concerned, have been disappointing. The ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted on Jan. 12-16 -- shortly before Bush took his second oath of office -- found that 38 percent approved of the way he was handling Social Security. But in the April 21-24 survey, that number had dropped to 31 percent. The ABC News/Washington Post April poll finds that nearly half of Americans believe the Democrats are right to block the Bush nominations.

Yup. The bad news is by the time I'm in my 60s, I won't see a dime of Social Security. Bush will speed up its doom.

You want to know why Bush's approval ratings are so low?
1) The economy sucks,
2) The War in Iraq is turning out to be another quagmire.

Hopefully Bush will get his head out of the sand and realize outsourcing is destroying the American middle-class. I won't get my hopes up though.
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