Sunday, May 15, 2005


Reality TV in Bushcoville

The violence that has reportedly killed hundreds of protesters in eastern Uzbekistan appeared to be spreading to neighbouring towns last night, raising fears that the volatile Central Asian state could erupt into a full-scale revolution...A reporter for Associated Press said that he saw 30 bodies on streets spattered with blood and littered with spent cartridges. The dead had all been shot and the head of one had been smashed in.... The former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray...added: 'This has really blown up in the US's faces. When will the US and UK call for fair, free and early elections in Uzbekistan?' America gives $10 million a year in aid to the Uzbek security services and police, agencies which it says indulge in torture as a 'routine investigation technique'. Murray said: 'The US will claim that they are teaching the Uzbeks less repressive interrogation techniques, but that is basically not true." From the Guardian. Where else?
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