Thursday, May 12, 2005


The role of drugs in war

On Flashpoints, a DEA agent (Celerino Castillo III, author of Powder Burns) and writer Dan Russell (Drug War)talked about drug dealing by the US Government. This is an important story. Ever since the 1940s when Chiang Kai Shek's army equipped itself in part with a drug running partnership with the US (See Stirling Seagrave for this), there have been disturbing indications that covert action, uncontrolled by either the White House or the Congress, was being funded through drug trafficking. Thus the explosion of drug production in Afghanistan and reports that Iraq has become a major drug transit route are significant. It would not be surprising if covert action against Iran, planned to begin in June, is being funded this way. The one case that is fairly well-documented is Central America in the 1980s. Castillo said that there were two hangars at Ilopango airbase, one run by the CIA and the other by North. Castillo told Vice-President Bush about the drug smuggling. Bush smiled, shook his hand, and went on to talk to North. North was also involved with terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles. The American Ambassador to El Salvador told Castillo that this was a covert operation run from the White House. Personnel from El Salvador are now running death squads in Iraq. The CIA wiretapped the DEA and routinely blew their operations. The CIA knew about the torture of agent Kiki Camarena. Russell quoted a top DEA agent saying that most of the top drug traffickers are CIA assets. There's more.
certain drugs have high levels of mercury or lead how about ( ciprodex otic) thanks tricia daniels
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