Friday, June 03, 2005


Coingate Gets Blown Wide Open

Check this out, courtesy of Pounder at DailyKos:

H. Douglas Talbott, a former top aide to two Ohio governors, told federal authorities that Republican coin dealer Tom Noe persuaded him to contribute $2,000 to President Bush's re-election campaign - then reimbursed him for the donation, The Plain Dealer has learned. Talbott appeared Wednesday before a federal grand jury in Toledo that is investigating whether Noe illegally reimbursed as many as two dozen contributors to a Bush fund-raiser in October 2003. The grand jury is looking into whether Noe made the reimbursements to circumvent campaign finance laws, which limit individual contributions to $2,000.
Wow! That's 200,000 Abraham Lincoln medallions! In a just world, this would be on tonight's TV news. But somehow, I doubt it will be.

Ohio seems to have become almost as corrupt as Florida.

What odds will you give of Newsmax mentioning the words "conduit contribution"?
"What odds will you give of Newsmax mentioning the words "conduit contribution"?"

About as good as Ann "The Mann" Coulter getting a date a week from tonight.

(with something other than "her" vibrator)
Since there appears to be no mention of Buddhist nuns in this episode, it hardly seems worthy of mention by our esteemed and all-seeing Main Stream Media.

Speaking of vibrators and Man Coulter, just who does she think she's kidding?
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