Saturday, June 11, 2005


John Hinderaker Is A Pusillanimous Little Man (And Other Observations)

Was at an Irish bar for an Irish wake for a friend last night. Whilst engaged in conversation with one of the other mourners/celebrants, the talk turned to politics. Seems that the person with whom I was talking, who has an insider's knowledge of Faegre and Benson, knows Mr. Assrocket quite well. I didn't have a tape recorder with me, and I did have a few pints of Guinness inside of me, thus hindering my memory. But here's what I recall the day after: Hindrocket/Assrocket is, according to my informant, "a classic case of short man syndrome" and "Bob Costas' evil twin". His claim to fame inside F&B is holding long, boring meetings wherein he tells everyone how great he is -- though his actual accomplishments, aside from being a kiss-up-kick-down artist on a par with John Bolton, are somewhat vague. In other words, as with his blog, so it is with his paying gig. And there you go.

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