Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Reasons For The Bolton Documents Stonewall

Steve Soto over at The Left Coaster makes a very good catch:

Perhaps we know now why the White House is fighting so furiously to prevent the Senate Intelligence Committee from getting all of the documents wanted by committee Democrats to evaluate the fitness of John Bolton to be our UN ambassador. According to Wednesday’s New York Times previewed in the International Herald Tribune, it has been leaked by administration sources that what the White House is refusing to release to the committee are reports that Bolton obtained from the NSA by way of a special request. And what is in those reports? The names of American individuals and companies that may have violated export restriction bans on the shipment of dangerous weapons material to China, Libya, and even Iran. And is it too big of a leap to assume that some or all of these firms may prove to be very damaging to the White House, as campaign contributors?
This makes perfect sense to me. When the cons were first trying to gin up the "UN Oil-for-Food Scandal" but refused to release the names of the companies on the list of those businesses that had collaborated with Saddam, I KNEW then that most of those companies had to be US ones, and probably Texas oil companies in Bush's own backyard. And I was right.(Oh, and did I mention that they donated mostly to the GOP over the last two decades?) So of course the Bushistas want to hide the fact that it's their buddies doing the dirty deals. It's already been proved that Cheney's firm Halliburton had illegal dealings with Iran and Iraq all throughout the 1990s, yet the same news media that reamed out Clinton for pardoning Marc Rich didn't say boo when the Halliburton deals were unearthed.

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