Sunday, July 17, 2005


Blind Pigs, Acorns, And Professional Bias

I was mildly and pleasantly surprised to see the feckless David Broder, He Who Spouts The Conventional Beltway Pundit Wisdom, actually say something sensible in his column on TreasonGate today. But the question nags at me: How much of this newfound sensibility is due to his being employed by the newspaper that is the main rival of the one that employs Judith Miller?

I seem to recall The Post has published a number of articles critical of Miller in particular and the NYT in general. I think this is purely a matter of gaining a commercial advantage.

In my opinion, David Broder is one of the most corrupt people in Washington, which is why he is worshipped by them all. It is very likely that he fabricated the story that "Muskie cried" while Muskie was protesting against the lies the notorious Manchester Union Leader printed about his wife. This achieved what Nixon wanted, driving the leading Democrat from the presidential race.

I infer that Broder was probably part of Nixon's dirty tricks squad.

Maybe he still is. That kind has ways of keeping in touch.
Wow -- I didn't know that. Just went and Googled to check, and sure enough, Broder now officially "isn't sure" if Muskie really was crying. What a putz.

On reflection, it makes sense that Broder would be gunning for the Democratic party's best hope in 1972. He certainly went after Dean in 2004 -- and to this day goes after him hammer and tongs.

David Broder, Reverse Barometer!
The Broder-Muskie story is strange enough to make one wonder whether the media, or at least certain publications, haven't served as the indoctrination apparatus of a faction within the elite that prefers a Soviet-style state. When the media is knocking political candidates out of the race using false stories, this is getting uncomfortably close to saying that the public has no say in who holds office.

Nixon came very close to achieving the sort of absolute, unchecked power that Bush has. This nation owes Frank Wills, Judge Sirica, and a few congressmen like John Conyers a very large debt (the rest of them, especially Woodward, increasingly look like damage control).
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