Monday, July 11, 2005


Eye test

A little over 50 years ago, author Ralph Ellison wrote Invisible Man to describe the invisibility that negritude imposes on human beings. Like an astronomical singularity, an African American could win the Nobel prize, invent a cure for cancer, or be transmogrified into a lizard without the smallest ray of light emerging from his person to signal the world of his existence. So many years have passed and how little our vision has improved. UN forces massacre an estimated more than 50 civilians in Haiti "There was systematic firing on civilians," said one eyewitness to the killing. "All exits were cut off. The community was choked off, surrounded -- facing tanks coming from different angles, and overhead, helicopters with machine guns fired down on the people. The citizens were under attack from all sides and from the air. It was war on a community." Enough was captured on film to make it clear that UN forces committed war crimes. How good is your vision, citizen?
I just skipped around on Google, looking for more on this, but couldn't find anything other than IndyMedia copies of the same article.

Charles, if any pics are posted, please post the links to them.

I'm astonished. "UN troops"? From which countries? This is unbelievably horrible.
It is indeed horrible. What is worst is that nations that present an alternative to the US preventive war model, nations like France, Brazil, and Canada, are at the center of the atrocities committed in Haiti. You can listen it on Flashpoints or even watch on Democracy Now. Apparently Jordanians led this particular assault, but others have been involved in similar acts of brutality. From Democracy Now:

What we found actually when we went into the community the day after the operation was widespread evidence that the troops had carried out a massacre. We found homes, which when we say homes, we are talking basically shacks of wood and tin, in many cases, riddled with machine gun blasts as well as tank fire. The holes in a lot of these homes were too large just to be bullets. They must have been tank-type shells penetrating the homes. We saw a church and a school completely riddled with machine gun blasts....Then there's a Haitian human rights worker who was actually on the scene when the operation occurred and has video footage that unfortunately we cannot yet release, but there is a plan at some point for that to be released to the public, that shows people being killed during the operation quite graphically.
Here's CNN's take on the event:

They describe it as UN forces suppressing Aristide's violent gangs.
Bum link, but no matter. One can guess.

What a surprise. CNN is recycling State Department propaganda. I guess those psyops who went to work at CNN stayed on.

The use of heavy machine guns and tank shells in a civilian area would seem to have been sufficient to suggest an alternate explanation to CNN.
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