Thursday, July 14, 2005


In The Midst Of This Rovian Implosion...

...don't forget to write your Congresscritters and Senators to tell them to vote down the "Trash Our Freedoms Act". Per an e-mail alert from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Congress is poised to vote on bills that would renew some of the most dangerous parts of the privacy-corroding USA PATRIOT Act - while potentially giving the FBI even more power to snoop on your mail and private records. The debate on the House floor could begin as soon as Wednesday, July 20, with a bill reaching the Senate floor shortly thereafter. Now is your last, best chance to convince your legislators to let these dangerous provisions expire and safeguard your rights by introducing new checks and balances. Don't let Congress decimate your civil liberties - say no to PATRIOT renewal now! Make your voice heard with the EFF Action Center: Click here.

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