Monday, July 18, 2005


My Head Just Exploded

From a column by Dick Polman, political analyst for Knight-Ridder, on "the vaunted Republican smear message machine" coming to Karl Rove's defense:

Rep. Roy Blunt, a senior House Republican from Missouri, basically said that even if the Plame material is still classified, maybe it shouldn't be. He suggested that maybe the CIA is "overzealous" about keeping its information under wraps.
An apologist for the Bush White House defending the leaking of classified information by saying there's too much secrecy. Words fail me.
He's right, of course, the White House people in particular are way too secretive. But he is right in the wrongest way possible.

Yes, there's too much secrecy in the Bush White House. Which is why they should never have classified the documents that Sandy Berger had generated during his tenure as National Security adviser. (But of course, they classify or destroy anything that makes them look bad, and the last thing they want is for a researcher to do an honest comparison of how Clinton handled Al-Qaeda to how they handled Al-Qaeda.)
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