Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Tom DeLay: Checks Aren't Money! Honest!

I think now I have officially heard everything:

State District Judge Bob Perkins today said he believes two officials with Texans for a Republican Majority should stand trial on felony charges of money laundering. The judge ruled that the state election code is constitutional and said he disagreed with arguments that the money-laundering charges had to refer to "cash" instead of a $190,000 check that the pair is accused laundering during the 2002 legislative elections. Perkins, a Democrat who must run for office, referred to his own fundraisers: "All the funds I ever received were checks. In my opinion, funds would include checks."
Yup, this is the infamous TRMPAC, Tom DeLay's pet organization. I think the defense strategy was to see if they could get the judge and the prosecutor to laugh so damned hard that they popped blood vessels and died, thus creating a mistrial. These people are so arrogant it's unreal. They really do think that laws never apply to them.

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