Sunday, September 11, 2005


On This, The Fourth Anniversary Of 9/11...

...we are reminded that George W. Bush didn't exactly give a rat's ass about catching its perpetrator, Osama bin Laden:

Now, as the last major battle of the war in Afghanistan began, hidden from view inside the caves were an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 well-trained, well-armed men. A mile below, at the base of the caves, some three dozen U.S. Special Forces troops fanned out. They were the only ground forces that senior American military leaders had committed to the Tora Bora campaign.
Three dozen US troops to go after the guy who attacked America. But Bush, barely a year later, would send over one hundred fifty thousand to go after bin Laden's second-worst enemy (after us). Hell, even the semi-covert BushCo/PNAC efforts to bait Saddam Hussein into a shooting war needed more than three dozen people to pull off. Yes, I know, Bush depended on Afghanis to do the bulk of the fighting at Tora Bora. But that makes it even worse, as many if not most of the people Bush depended on hated our guts and each other's guts -- not a recipe for unit cohesion, to say the least.

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