Monday, January 09, 2006


Boehner and Blunt Oppo!

Now that Hot Tub Tom DeLay has been made to face reality, it's time to bone up on oppo for his two likeliest replacements, Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) and John Boehner (R-Ohio)! TAP has a nice Boehner oppo starter pack for you.  (Remember, this guy is a Gingrich protégé, and the GOP wants to paint him as "clean"?! If you want a refresher on the tip of the Sleaze Iceberg that is Newt Gingrich, just go here.) And here's some stuff on Roy Blunt, here and here. (Hint: He really, really, really LOVES Big Tobacco. Literally.)

I haven't yet seen anything to make me think Boehner is vulnerable. I get the sense he is smarter than DeLay, smoother, less abrasive. On the other hand, Boehner is personally disliked for his lawsuit against McDermott. (Ironically, the only danger McDermott is in comes from the likelihood he'll have to pay Boehner's bills-- $600K. )

Shakedowns are nothing new to Washington. The Republicans have merely taken what was called "constituent service" to new depths, orders of magnitude below what an operator like LBJ would have engaged in.

My guess is they'll go with Boehner.
Boehner also has a personal life that's somewhat less embarrassing than either Blunt's or Gingrich's. Since by Republican standards being caught at oral sex with someone who isn't your spouse is apparently a far worse crime than the deliberate murder of over 100,000 people, he should eventually win out unless Blunt has pictures of him gerbil stuffing or some such.
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