Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ooooh, Scary!

People have been scratching their heads over Mister Thirty-Five Percent's bizarrely declaring a War On Man-Animal Cloning in his SOTU speech last night. Here's the deal: It's this year's version of "aluminum tubes". In order to make us scared so we can't think straight, Bush has to hype another bogus threat, which for 2006 happens to be human-animal cloning. He's running out of material for reality-based strawmen, so he has to zoom into Michael Crichton junk-science-fantasy land to find what he needs to scare us all into submission. Too bad for him that most Americans aren't buying it any more. [UPDATE: A number of persons, most notably PZ Myers over at Pharyngula, have figured out that it's yet another example of Bush speaking in code to his base and hoping the rest of us don't figure it out. (What the Brits call 'dog-whistle politics', in other words.) Just as he refers to Dred Scott when he wants to tell his Fundie base he's against abortion without the rest of America catching on, he's using the man-animal cloning nonsense to reassure the Fundies, without alarming sane people, on his intention to ban stem cell research before he leaves office. A commenter over at Eschaton has this to say about the whole affair:

[] Follow the link above -- I am 11 and after hearing the ridiculous comment about the human animal hybrids I was compelled to create an image of one that already existed. Enjoy!
Kinda sums it all up, eh?]

[Charles, 2/2/06: Heft-Luthy URL edited to increase tininess]
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