Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Good news from the front!

From Le Figaro/AFP, 3/7/06 Taliban and Mafia Control the South of the Country ... Burned out schools, assassinated officials, soldiers attacked: four years after the fall of the Taliban, winter has never been more violent in Afghanistan's south, where ever-more-organized Taliban and mafia rebels make the law, challenging an absent State. "This winter, we've counted three times more incidents than during all of the three previous winters taken together. The rebellion is intensifying; there's no doubt ..." Even the Americans, who have been very optimistic up until now, confess that today the situation is deteriorating and threatens the fragile Afghan state, which is painfully attempting to extend its power with the help of the international community. In this vein, General Michael Maples, Director of the American Defense Intelligence Agency, declared at the end of February: "Never since the end of 2001 have the rebels represented such a threat to the Afghan government's expansion into the provinces." Oh. Wait. That's not so good. In fact, it's very bad. But there is good news! The Republicans have a plan: Impeach Bill Clinton. I kid you not. A dittohead called in to Ed Schultz to share that bit of wisdom. And knowing how the right operates, you can bet he didn't think of this himself. Anyone listen to El Rushbo today?
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