Friday, March 03, 2006


Preparing For The Fake Withdrawal?

Juan Cole noted the following story: "Rumsfeld Cautions against too Many Troops in Iraq". I swear to God, that is what it says. From the article Professor Cole cites:

The Pentagon has said in the past it would like to trim troop strength from about 130-thousand now to less than a 100-thousand by year's end.
The reason Rumsfeld and his Pentagon/PNAC shills are saying this is because they're getting ready to do a substantial drawdown in the months before the November 2006 elections, in order to make it look like we're in the midst of pulling out of Iraq. It's a trick, of course -- Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest of the PNAC Platoon want to keep those fourteen-odd permanent bases (including at least four super-bases), come hell or high water. And so they'll keep us there until the JCS actually boots out Rumsfeld and the other PNACers (unlikely, alas), or until we get a new President in 2009 (much more likely). But they're hoping to trick the public for just long enough to boost GOP chances at the ballot box this fall.

I used to see you on Kos, no?

This is a great blog.
I wish you hd been obvious sooner.

Im going to ask a friend to come here.

She thinks a lot like you. Thanks for your continued leap of faith.
It inspires me.

One comment on the page layout.

Orange is the color of higher aspirations. You dont have a true orange here. You have an offputting shade. Try green, or a shade.

TY, and keep doing it.


Remember when Kerry brought this up during the debates?

Bush's silence was deafening. I've said before he has no intention of leaving Iraq.

When on those rare occasions the MSM questions him, Bush always says something like "not one day before or after the job is finished."

What does that mean?
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