Monday, March 06, 2006


The war on Iran

Details on alleged US intrusion into Iran [The Iranians] cite [as evidence of bad faith] a US decision to spend $75m (£43m) on funding potential Iranian opposition forces, including NGOs, trade unions and human rights groups, and local language propaganda broadcasts - tactics pioneered in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine. Iran accuses the US of stirring discontent among its Kurdish, Baluch and Azeri minorities, suspicions fed by a US marine corps investigation to gauge the strength of opposition to the central government among non-Persian groups. Tehran also believes the US is using the People's Mujahideen, an anti-regime group once backed by Saddam and blamed for many terrorist attacks, for intelligence-gathering and destabilisation.It recently demanded British troops quit Basra after linking them to unrest among Arab Iranians in Khuzestan, abutting south-east Iraq. And an interesting bit of byplay, via Juan Cole (the original confuses Iraq and Iran as the source of funds): Ira[n] has agreed to invest $1 billion to rehabilitate the country’s [Iraq's] industrial sector, said Industry and Minerals Minister Abdulaziz al-Najafi in a statement. The statement, obtained by Azzaman, said the money from Tehran will be invested in several industrial projects and Iraqi entrepreneurs were welcome to make use of it.... The Iranians would like to start up a new car company in Iraq as well as factories for the manufacture of electrical transformers and appliances, steel and glass.
What is the United States supposed to fight another war with? If Iran is bombed it was certainly make the civil war in Iraq so hot that the kept media won't be able to pretend that it isn't going on.

Considering Bush rewarding India with his nuclear fuel deal this doesn't pass any kind of test.

You wonder if anyone in the media ever thinks that that "axis of evil" throwaway line might just be the stupidest thing ever said by an American President. It could mark the beginning of the end of the United States as the only superpower. The world will not be able to ignore how dangerous the United States is under the Bush junta. Sooner or later they will have to act together to stop him or his successor. This can't go on.
The world will not act to stop the US. It will stand by and watch America throw away its collective wealth as it did in Vietnam, which, as you might recall, lasted a decade, destroyed millions of lives, and began the long slow decline of empire that induced the present hysteria of the apocalyptic coalition.
We still have the Yellow Elephant Brigade to defend our national honor, guys. We can throw them into the gap and... well, frankly, walk away whistling.
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