Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The Banshee Screams For Barbour Meat

From TPM Muckraker today:

Barbour Had Controlling Interest in Phone Jamming Firm Last Friday, the AP reported that GOP big-wig Haley Barbour was one of the investors in GOP Marketplace, the consulting firm central to the New Hampshire phone jamming. But a closer read of the company's founding documents shows a much deeper connection than Barbour admitted to the AP. He had direct control over the company's management. And a look at the timeline of the company's founding shows that it was something of a pet project for Barbour and his partners.
Go to the TPM link for more details. For those who don't know, Haley Barbour -- who is now the governor of Mississippi -- was the guy who was taking million-dollar moonlight yacht rides in Hong Kong, courtesy of the ChiComs, even as he was yammering to anyone who would listen to him about the nonexistent "Chinagate scandal" during Bill Clinton's time as President. This creep deserves to go down, and it looks like he just might this time around.

Mongolian Barbourque.

I would bet Mississippi is ready for him to head for the exits. The coast is still a disaster so that Trent Lott's porch could be rebuilt.
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