Thursday, June 01, 2006


GOP Candidate Dick DeVos Gives His Foot a 21-Gun Salute

How stupid does a candidate have to be to oppose honoring dead troops? As stupid as Dick DeVos, Republican candidate to be governor of Michigan.

Criticism of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's order that U.S. and Michigan flags be flown at half-staff to honor soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan caught a top aide by surprise. Granholm has ordered the flags lowered 67 times since December 2003. Governors in more than a dozen states, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, have issued similar orders. [...] Granholm's Republican opponent, Dick DeVos, would reverse the governor's policy. "Dick would take a more literal approach," DeVos campaign spokesman John Truscott said. "While he certainly believes that honoring veterans who have given their lives is extremely important, lowering the flag has typically been reserved for heads of state."
Judging by the letters the Free Press published about that report, the voters of Michigan are smart enough to realize DeVos' "literal approach" provides insight into his political character. Here's a sample.
Dick DeVos' interpretation of the Flag Code is an insight into the candidate's personal belief that only those in power, and those they so designate, deserve our respect. It appears he is a G.W. Bush wannabe and not fit to lead this great state. The lowering of the flag is done in respect of our fallen soldiers.
After hearing that Dick DeVos would reverse the policy of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's lowering of flags to half-staff every time one of our Michigan men or women get killed in combat because the only time it should be lowered is when a head of state dies, I just hope all the vets in Michigan remember this come election time. That statement alone should tell you whom this pompous person is going to look out for, and you can bet it isn't going to be the little guy.
Let's hope the voters understand that Dick DeVos has a similarly "literal approach" to issues like funding schools and creating jobs. The state is still suffering from 12 years of the odious John Engler; the last thing Michigan needs is another Republican governor.
all i know is gramholm has to get OUT! So, he follows the book to the tee, not going to bust his balls becuase I NEED A SECURE JOB!!!
Michigan can't afford Grandholm for another 4 years.. I pray for our-loss of life everyday. We are all aware of the human loss of our freedom. Maybe flags should be flown at half staff untill all our troops are home.
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