Wednesday, August 16, 2006


No taxation without representation!

That may be the rallying cry of the Second Mexican Revolution. Gerardo Fernández Noroña of the PRD says that they are ready if necessary to amp up from nonviolent civil resistance to nonviolent civil disobedience. The PRD is advising against bringing children to further demos. Good advice: since the cops seem willing to club legislators, they'd probably have even fewer compunctions about clubbing babies. The Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union has condemned the police attack on PRD legislators. 3,500 healthcare workers are on stoppage in Oaxaca. Only emergency services are open. Thanks to Astillas and Senderodel Peje you cans see films of some of the outrages that are before the electoral court. Astillero also lists the following, in which representatives of the electoral institute, acting without any authority, open ballot packets for completely unknown reasons: Council 5, District 11. Workers of the election institute riffle through election packets without a representative of the PRD present. On being confronted, they become defensive. T But at 18 seconds, we see a young lady placing loose papers into a ballot box. At 30 seconds, a young man places boxes, presumably packs of ballots into a box. Also at 1:01. At 2:01, we see what appears to be a ballot on the floor. At 2:12, we see red-bereted members of the military who have apparently been called for by the Election Institute. At 2:50 the head of the local Election Institute tells the workers to leave. At 4:00 a woman says taht there are 20 people in the "bodega" (booth) are coming out at intervals of three hours. She says they are carrying backpacks (none are evident in the film) and asks that people watch to see what containers enter and leave. She alleges at 4:10 that a ballot box was re-sealed with no party representative except PAN present. She says that on talking to the head of the Election Institute, he claimed that they were "removing trash" from the ballot boxes and inserting the markers(?) Also: y
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