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If You're Wondering Why ABC/Disney And BushCo Are Doing What They're Doing...

...wonder no more:

'Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster and strategist who helped orchestrate the "Contract with America" campaign in 1994 that helped Republicans seize control of both House and Senate, sees parallels between then and now — but in reverse since Republicans now control both chambers.

"There is a deep desire for change and a consistent widespread rejection of the status quo," he said.

Republicans have little choice but to make the war on terrorism their central theme, Luntz said. "They have to, because this is their one area of strength. This goes to the core difference between the two parties and their visions. If you can't communicate a core difference, what can you do?"'
"Their one area of strength" -- and they have to lie about it. Meanwhile, we find out that an FBI agent hired as a consultant for the film quit in disgust at the lies it contained. And that Scholastic, which got roped into this by ABC, is starting to get cold feet. And even James Taranto (via Glenn Greenwald) admits that we have a point:
"The Clintonites may have a point here. A few years ago, when the shoe was on the other foot, we were happy to see CBS scotch 'The Reagans.'"
And as Glenn goes on to say:
Unlike CBS did for the much less consequential The Reagans, Disney/ABC, at least for now, is refusing to refrain from broadcasting this proaganda. C&L has the video (and transcript) of the statement from Disney/ABC here, in which they attack critics of the film by claiming: "No one has seen the final version of the film–because the editing process is not yet complete, so criticisms of film specifics are premature and irresponsible." That makes no sense. The only reason anyone knows anything about the content of the film is because they sent it around to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Hugh Hewitt precisely to induce them to comment (favorably) on it. If it's "premature and irresponsible" to comment on the film because it's not complete yet, why did they send around screeners to (right-wing) commentators? It only became "irresponsible" once the commentary went from drooling partisan praise to critiques of the film's fabrications and inaccuracies. In addition to the obvious inequities, CBS' quick and complete cave-in to conservative protests over The Reagans, set next to ABC's combative attack on critics of this film, tell you all you need to know about the merits of the incessent, petulant complaints from Bush supporters about the "liberal MSM."

OK, here the names, titles and email addresses for a number of key senior Disney decision makers I found, starting at the top
with the CEO and board of directors are at the bottom.

Let's make our voices heard and see if we can get these guys to pull this blatantly obvious Bush propaganda. ABC may profit from the predictable controversy but airing a film designed to obfuscate Bush's responsibility for 9/11 will cause ABC to suffer greatly in the estimation of serious people.

Disney and ABC should leave the RNC propaganda to Fox, it's not ABC's demographic.

Robert Iger - CEO -

Rich Ross - President of Disney Channel Worldwide -

Sean Cocchia - VP/Business Development, Disney Channel Worldwide-

Gary Marsh - Disney Channel Worldwide President of Entertainment -

Sarah Shelton - Assistant to Gary Marshsarah -

Scott Garner - SVP/Programming, Disney Channel -

Karen Myer - Assistant to Scott Garner -

Meredith Metz - Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, Walt Disney Television Animation -

Lisa Salamone - The Head of Animation Production, Disney Channel -

Joanna Spak - The Head of Finance, Planning, etc., Disney Channel -

Mark Kenchelian - The Head of Business and Legal Affairs, Disney Channel

Jewell Engstrom - CFO and Executive VP for Disney-ABC Cable Group -

Olivia Stafford - Assistant to Jewell Engstrom -

Albert Cheng - EVP/Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group -

Karen Hobson - Digital Media Communications Office, Disney-ABC Television Group -

George Bodenheimer - Co-Chairman Media Networks Group -

Nicole Nichols - Senior VP of Entertainment Communications, Disney-ABC Television Group -

Aime Wolfe - Assistant to Nicole Nichols -

Patti McTeague - VP of Kids Communications -

Siobhan Kenny - Acting Head of International Communications -

Paul Lee - ABC Family Channel -

Annie Fort - ABC Family Media Relations -

Alex Wallau - President of Network Operations & Administration -

David Westin - ABC News President -

Mike Shaw - ABC Sales and Marketing President -

Fred Kuperberg - Disney/ABC Executive VP of Business and Legal Affairs -

Kara Rousseau - VP of Ad Sales Marketing for Disney/ABC Kids Networks -

Kim Harbin - Buena Vista Media Relations -

Anne Gates - Disney Consumer Products Executive VP & CFO -

James Fielding - Senior VP, Retail Sales and Marketing for DCP -

Deborah Dugan - President of Disney Publishing -

Graham Hopper - Senior VP and General Manager of Buena Vista Games -

Angela Emery - Director of Public Relations, Buena Vista Games -

Chris Bess - Buena Vista Home Entertainment -

Peter Murphy - Senior Adviser to Mr. Iger -

Judy Estrin - Board of Directors -

John Bryson - Board of Directors -

Monica Lozano - Board of Directors -

John Chen - Board of Directors -

Gary Wilson - Board of Directors -

Leo Odonova - Board of Directors -

Thomas Staggs - CFO/Senior V.P. -

David K. Thompson - Senior Vice President - David.
If what we read is true, it does appear that the movie "dramatized" the scene where Bin Laden was cornered.

But the reality isn't any prettier. How about an eye witness account?
It was fall 1998 and the National Security Council (NSC) and the "intelligence community" were tracking the whereabouts of
Osama bin Laden, the shadowy mastermind of terrorist attacks on American targets overseas.

"They've successfully triangulated his location," yelled a "Sit Room" watch stander. "We've got him."

The watch officer notified National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, "Sir, we've located bin Laden. We have a two-hour window to strike."

Berger ambled down the stairwell and entered the Sit Room. He picked up the phone at one of the busy controller consoles and called the president.

Amazingly, President Clinton was
not available. Berger tried again and again. Bin Laden was within striking distance. The window of opportunity was closing fast. The plan of attack was set and the Tomahawk crews were ready.

For about an hour Berger couldn't get the commander in chief on the line. Berger stalked the Sit Room, anxious and impatient.

Finally, the president accepted Berger's call. There was discussion, there were
pauses - and no decision. The president wanted to talk with his secretaries of defense and state.

He wanted to study the issue further. Berger was forced to wait. The clock was ticking. The
president eventually called back. He was still indecisive. He wanted more discussion. Berger
alternated between phone calls and watching the clock.

The NSC watch officer was convinced we had the right target.

The intelligence sources
were conclusive. The president, however, wanted a guaranteed hit or nothing at all.

This time, it was nothing at all. We didn't pull the trigger. We "studied" the issue until it was too late - the window of opportunity closed.

Al-Qaeda's spiritual and organizational leader slipped through the noose.

If you're at all interested in the truth, I highly suggest:

Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Endangered America's Long-Term National Security

by Robert Patterson
And who is Robert Patterson?

Why, yet another member of the right-wing echo chamber, where you can hear Republican talking points reverberate endlessly.

But people who go to the 911 Commission Report, where evidence has to be crossexamined and delivered under sworn oath will find this:

By the end of the meeting, the principals decided against recommending to the President that he order a strike. A few weeks later, in January 1999, Clarke wrote that the principals had thought the intelligence only half reliable and had worried about killing or injuring perhaps 300 people. Tenet said he remembered doubts about the reliability of the source and concern about hitting the nearby mosque. "Mike" remembered Tenet telling him that the military was concerned that a few hours had passed since the last sighting of Bin Ladin and that this persuaded everyone that the chance of failure was too great.

So, who to believe? Some guy? Or sworn, crossexamined testimony?

In the case of delusional 'wingers, we know the answer.
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