Sunday, September 03, 2006


Why We're Losing the War on Terror

In Salon's Table Talk, "borregopass" spells it out:

No one tells the truth about Afghanistan. We lost the war there and the war on Terror as well the moment we took millions in briefcases to the warlords and didn't take millions to Home Depot. Woulda Coulda Shoulda, but we should have had trucks of reconstruction material waiting to go into Afghanistan once we stopped carpet bombing, along with troops to oversee the security of the rebuilding effort. We should have been rebuilding roads and working to make Afghanistan the garden spot of the Mideast once again. America working side by side with the farmers and the people of Afghanistan to make it better then it had been in decades. Driving out the warlords as well as the Taliban should have been on our list. It might have been a hard sell to America who wanted blood, but devoting a small percentage of the troops to tracking Bin Laden and the majority to a secure and healthy Afghanistan could have been done. And in the war on Terror we would have scored a major victory by doing more for the people of Afghanistan then had been done by Bin Laden. Our goal everywhere we went should have been to make things better. Not for American businesses or the military but for the people who live there, the peasants, the peons, the workers, the farmers. Better infrastructure, better education, better futures should be what is thought of when people see Americans come into their home. We've failed.

The defeat that the terrorists cannot endure is a defeat in the court of Muslim public opinion. Terrorists should be treated as criminals, albeit criminals with massive firepower. If possible, they should be captured and tried for crimes against humanity. The United States should take steps to redress massive injustices in Muslim lands, including the slaughter in Indonesia, which we facilitated [27]. To reprise Raymond Close's penetrating words: "[T]he most effective defenses we will have against the terrorist threat [are] a commitment to the rule of law, dedication to fairness and evenhandedness in settling international disputes and a reputation as the most humanitarian nation in the world.

--some guy, 9/21/06
I think we are loseing this war. I hope not, but I think we are.
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