Saturday, October 07, 2006


Concrete begins to thicken

Newsweek poll via Billmon Fully 53 percent of Americans want the Democrats to win control of Congress next month, including 10 percent of Republicans, compared to just 35 percent who want the GOP to retain power. If the election were held today, 51 percent of likely voters would vote for the Democrat in their district versus 39 percent who would vote for the Republican....a majority of Americans now believe the Bush administration knowingly misled the American people in building its case for war against Saddam Hussein: 58 percent vs. 36 percent who believe it didn’t. And pessimism over Iraq is at record highs on every score: nearly two in three Americans, 64 percent, believe the United States is losing ground there; 66 percent say the war has not made America safer from terrorism (just 29 percent believe it has);and 53 percent believe it was a mistake to go to war at all... Now, another scandal may be brewing. TPM Reader DK, writing at TPM walks around the issue: And, to top it off, apparently House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra has been in direct contact with [former Congressman Duke Cunningham, who is in jail]... Some background: The Intel Committee is investigating what other misdeeds, if any, Duke may have committed while on the committee, focusing specifically on whether and to what extent he was able to use the committee, its staff, and its cloak of secrecy to dispense favors to his bribers, and perhaps others. Now, what would lead a top Republican leader to make a jailhouse call? A good guess might be that he's trying to figure out whether Cunningham's shenanigans resulted in a serious security breach that the leadership will have to cover up. Speculation, of course. Readers are welcome to come up with a better theory. You can read parts of Duke's cracked letter to the reporters who uncovered his misdeeds here. It's hard to believe we send people this illiterate and insane to Washington to write laws. Well, true. WE don't. Republicans do. Cunningham's wife also had to forfeit the mansion they got through bribery.
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