Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Question For Wealthy Republican Parents

Is your Bush tax cut worth letting Congressional Republican pedophiles scope out your kids? Cokie Roberts doesn't seem to think so:

The only proper response to something like this is absolutely unbridled outrage. ... The mothers of America are furious! In these emails you have a guy saying, 'My mom's calling, I have to go now.' Come on, guys! They've learned nothing from the Catholic bishops. They've learned nothing from the scandals that have gone before. You don't sit and dillydally and try to cover up and circle the wagons---and, by the way, once they've circled, start shooting inside. I mean, it is just the silliest reaction I've ever seen grownup men give.
This is the first time, EVER, that I am in total agreement with anything Cokie Roberts has EVER said or written. She's managed to sum the whole situation up beautifully.

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