Friday, October 13, 2006


The Republic of Narcotrafficking

From the deposition of a high-level Mexican drug kingpin in Minnesota courtroom Goodwin: What will, what will happen to you if you are returned to, to Mexico? Ramirez Peyro: Well, they, they will kill me or they will torture me and then will kill me. Goodwin: Who will? Ramriez Peyro: Yeah, the police, the cartel, the government, it’s all the same people. Goodwin: Why do you say it’s the same people? Ramirez Peyro: Because the police works for the cartel. Goodwin: How do you know this? Ramirez Peyro: During the three years of working as a investigation [a U.S. government informant infiltrating the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes (VCF) organization], I recorded and I showed that, that the police is under the order and to service the people from the cartel, inclusive this recordings were I would record the conversations that I would have with [VCF lieutenant] Santillan, and he would explain to me the arrangements that they would have with militaries with high executives, high level government people. Goodwin: The, the arrangements that the cartel had with the military? Ramirez Peyro: They were militaries, with politics — politicians and with the police, that’s for sure that they are under the orders. Goodwin: And when you say the police, are there many levels of police?Ramriez Peyro: Yes, there is three levels, federal, state and municipal Goodwin: Which ones are under the control of the cartel? Ramirez Peyro: All three of them. The police and associated thugs have fired on more innocent people in Oaxaca: Late in the afternoon, police and hired civilian thugs (“porros”) fired on Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) members and university students; the result was four injured, two of them in the leg, and others grazed on the forehead and back. In Tabasco, the government has kicked off Sunday's gubernatorial election by arrresting people from the PRD and from the PRI (blocking a highway in Nacajuca). It looks to be a doozy.
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