Saturday, October 14, 2006


The Silence Of The Fundies

I can't wait to surf over to Eric Black's The Big Question blog to see the frothing from the Republicans over the latest StarTribune Minnesota Poll, which shows Democratic candidate Mike Hatch well ahead of Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty, 46% to 37%, in the governor's race. The Pawlenty people are saying that the poll was done at "the height of the Foley scandal" and that their numbers have rebounded since then -- though they haven't provided any evidence to back up their claims. But the fact that they're actually admitting that PredatorGate is hurting them is amazing enough -- the official GOP spin has been that it wasn't hurting them at all.

Why in Heaven's name would it hurt Pawlenty unless... unless he's caught up in it???
It's hurting because it's hurting the Fundies. PredatorGate, combined with David Kuo's book, is causing a number of them to forsake the GOP from top to bottom.

But there is evidence that PredatorGate is simply the last straw for many Republicans. As somebody at some other blog said, all the repressed doubts and worries over Iraq, the deficit, the jobless economy, habeas corpus, and a host of other issues, have now been brought to the surface. It's as if PredatorGate was a depth charge that broke loose a whole bunch of issues the GOP thought they'd had safely submerged.
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