Friday, November 03, 2006


Hey, Fargo Forum! Put Up Or (Apologize And Then) Shut Up!

You can tell it's the silly season. A reporter for Forum Communications, which is based out of the offices of its flagship paper the Fargo Forum, has accused Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch of calling him a "Republican whore" in a phone interview. And of course the local GOP pressconned this all over the place today. Mike Hatch says he called the man a "Republican hack" -- and has challenged the Forum to release the tapes of the phone interview. Of course, they won't -- which rather proves Hatch's point, that they are Republican hacks. We all know full well that if the Forum was in the right, they wouldn't hesitate to release the tape. It would have been put up on their website, given to Michael Brodkorb of MDE, given to the Pawlenty campaign, and given to every right-wing blogger around. Let's call on them to either release the tape or renounce their slander: The Forum ( 101 5th Street North Fargo, ND 58102-4826 PO Box 2020 Fargo, ND 58107-2020 (701) 235-7311 (701) 241-5406 (FAX) UPDATE: Guess what: Forum Communications is owned by William Marcil, a backer and funder of Republicans, including Tim Pawlenty. He also dictates to his editorial boards which candidates they will endorse. So Mike Hatch is right: They ARE Republican hacks!

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