Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Mexico, November 7th

In the last few days, 11 people have been executed by organized crime in Michoacan. The dead include a woman and a three year old child. Oaxaca is open for tourists. Just be sure to bring your razor wire snips if you want to visit the Zocalo. You'll be greeted by all 500 members of the Oaxacans Citizens Council who are in favor of the occupation. There were bomb attacks in the Federal District against the headquarters of the PRI, against the Electoral Court, against the Scotiabank, and against ::sigh:: Sanborn's. They have apparently been undertaken by an alliance of politico-military groups, with the names Movimiento Revolucionario Lucio Cabañas Barrientos (MR-LCB), Tendencia Democrática Revolucionaria-Ejército del Pueblo (TDR-EP), Organización Insurgente Primero de Mayo, Brigada de Ajusticiamiento 2 de Diciembre y Brigadas Populares de Liberación. I'm surprised that the People's Front of Judea was not involved (*). The government had previously claimed that such groups had been "dismantled." There were a total of eight explosive devices. The demands presented by the bombers are ejecting Governor Ruiz and the PFP from Oaxaca, and punishing those responsible for torture, disappearances, etc. Since no Mexican president would cave into demands, this has the effect of ensuring that the Oaxaca crisis will continue, doubtless what the bombers actually desire. The Mexican left appears to be pretty well convinced(example) that the bombings were organized by the PANistas. I'm not so certain, but it certainly gives PAN an assist in getting out of a deep hole they have dug themselves. The Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, called the President-select "Vicente Calderon." Now that's political continuity. .
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