Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Racism, Lies And Distraction: The GOP's Stock In Trade

We all know about the Republican embrace of the "Southern Strategy" and their repudiation of the mantle of Lincoln. But not enough attention is paid to how they use their control of the media to leverage bogus non-scandals -- probably because if it were widely known just how subservient the US press is to conservatives, people wouldn't trust the press at all. That's why I'm going to spend some time here dissecting yet another fake scandal, this one aimed (as so many have been in the past three years) straight at John Kerry. Sun rises in East, righties lie about John Kerry. This is all about known liar John “Cheney does NOT support waterboarding!” Snow trying to distract from Laura Bush’s dropping her sweetie-pie Stepford wife mask and impoliticly attacking Michael J. Fox. Let's try and counter that, shall we?

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