Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A reflection on the House races

What's striking is how many Republican leaders and long-termers were taken down in this election. Charlie Bass (in absentia) Tom DeLay (Congratulations, Nick Lampson) (in absentia), Mark Foley (Congratulations, Tim Mahoney) John Hostettler Sue Kelly Jim Leach (Whitewater Investigations) Nancy Johnson (Got Newt off the hook on the ethics violations) (in absentia, Bob Ney (Congratulations, Congressman Space) Ann Northrup Jim Nussle (Mr. Paper Bag) Clay Shaw John Sweeney ("Shut it down") Charlie Taylor Curt Weldon And how many vulnerable Republicans remain. For example: Jerry Lewis Dennis Hastert John Shimkus Michelle Bachmann Jean Schmidt Deborah Pryce
I'm a bit bummed that Bachmann made it in, but she's doing so as part of a minority caucus. And they're still counting in Montana, so we may get the Senate yet!

My biggest shocker: The Democratic sweeps of Arizona and Indiana. ARIZONA! They took out J.D. HAYWORTH!
Yes, that's really a pleasure. The guy was such an ignoramus and, worse, he loved to talk.

The Republicans pulled out, or may pull out a number of close races... heaven knows how many based on voter suppression.

Cubin (WY)
Wilson (NM)
* Sali (ID)
* Musgrave (CO)
* Schmidt (OH)
* Chabot (OH)
* Pryce (OH)
* Roskam (IL)
* Kirk (IL)
* Weller (IL)
* Shimkus (IL)
* Hastert (IL)

There are a lot of races so close that they will be worth revisiting at the end of the Bush presidency, after all the rottenness is exposed.
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