Friday, November 10, 2006


Robert Gates: Crony, sycophant, liar

The National Security Archive has the straight dope on Robert Gates As they put it in their ever-so-gentle academic way, As Director of Central Intelligence in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War, Gates faced criticism for moving slowly with reforming the agency for the new era, and thus missing a moment of extraordinary opportunity that occurred at that time. In earlier posts at top levels of the CIA, Gates figured in the Iran-Contra affair, in which he engaged in sins of omission if not commission, hesitating to make inquiries and pass warnings that might have headed off this abuse of power. As the CIA's top manager for intelligence analysis in the early 1980s he was accused of slanting intelligence to suit the predilections of the Reagan administration and his boss, Director William J. Casey. Translation: he made sure that the president only heard what he wanted to hear, he perjured himeself before Congress,he hyped the threat of the Soviet Union, he covered up for the Iran-Contra conspirators, and he was caught flat-footed and red-faced, waiting for the Red tanks to roll into Dubuque at the precise moment the USSR collapsed. This guy is PERFECT for the Bush Administration.
It's a Bush administration rule that you cannot fire anybody without making sure you have someone worse lined up to replace them.
I guess that means Bush has job security.
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