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Strange Bedsheets Bedfellows

Among the issues on Michigan's ballot is Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment to ban affirmative action. The proposal is championed by California businessman and political activist Ward Connerly. The latest development in the campaign is that Connerly has accepted the endorsement of the proposal by... ...the Ku Klux Klan. I swear I am not making that up.

"If the Ku Klux Klan thinks that equality is right, God bless them," Connerly says. "Thank them for finally reaching the point where logic and reason are being applied, instead of hate."
And that's not the first time Mr. Connerly has sided with hate groups to promote his vision of "equality".
Last month, the Grand Rapids Press reported about a photo showing Connerly shaking hands with John Raterink, chairman of the Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens, which is considered a white separatist group.
Until now, I didn't think there anybody could be as shameless an opportunist as Joe Lieberman.
Shelby Steele was on the radio here the other day, I'd guess he's as shameless.
Ward Connerly is proud that he sold out. He really is a self-hating Negro -- Uncle Ruckus to the core.
I'm thinking that Ward Connerly is the male equivalent of the Queen Bee: He's got his, and he wants to make sure his achievement stays rare enough that he's Special.
So are you saying that if the KKK has reached a point that they believe equality is right and they are applying logic and reason instead of hate, it's a bad thing?

If the militant wing of the Proposal 2 opposition known as BAMN were to start believing in equality, logic, and reason, Connerly would say it was a good thing too.
Steve Sutton says, "So are you saying that if the KKK has reached a point that they believe equality is right..."

Whole universes could fall into the black hole of that single "if."

The reality is that the KKK is and always had been dedicated to terrorism and murder.

But you knew that.
Of course he did, Charles. The ADL sure isn't fooled by the sort of nonsense that Klansman/Klan apologist Steve Sutton says we must all swallow unthinkingly.

I jumped for joy when I read Sutton's post. It's rare that a racist outs himself so throroughly.
Now I'm a Klan apologist and racist. Your labeling is indicative of why this country cannot hold a reasonable discussion on race and discrimination.

I asked you a question and you call me offensive names. But that's been the standard operation for the opposition to Proposal 2. Lawsuits, name-calling, false accusations, and intimidation. Anything but a discussion of the issue.

Call me names or whatever. On Tuesday, I get the opportunity to support civil rights for all Michiganians and vote Yes on Proposal 2.
Steve Sutton says, edited for truthfulness, "On Tuesday, I get the opportunity to support civil rights for all [white] Michiganians and vote Yes on Proposal 2."

When people oppose "reverse discrimination" while failing to fight actual, well-documented discrimination, it takes no great effort to draw reasonable conclusions about what their goals are.

I suggest you read that study before posting again.
If the KKK has reached a point that they believe equality is right and they are applying logic and reason instead of hate, of course it's a good thing.

But they haven't, so it's foolish to declare a hypothetical assumption as fact.
MEC - I agree. It was foolish for Connerly to say such a thing. Connerly should not have made such a flippant statement. I'm sure the folks on this blog are quite familiar with the political grief that "nuance" gets you.

Phoenix and Charles have both made it clear that supporting Proposal 2 is racist so there's no reasoning with them. I think it's a dreadful shame that those who favor maintaining preference programs refuse to see how inherently unjust these programs are. The ends do not justify the means.

Out of curiosity, will Phoenix be found in violation of this blog's rules for posting? She called Connerly a "self-hating negro" and me a "Klansman/Klan apologist" and racist. Or does she get a pass since she only called us names once?
IF pigs fly, I will scold Phoenixwoman for replying as she did.

See? I have firmly established that I haven't ruled out scolding her. All by playing games with hypotheticals.

It's a rule of life that people who come onto others blogs with mischievous intent often end up with pie on their face and at least one fewer friend than they might have found.

And I'll bet you still haven't read that study.
Have you read Sutton's blog, Charles? All of the anti-affirmative action boilerplate is there, letter-perfect. David Duke would be proud of him.

And I'm betting that he hasn't read the ADL link I provided, either.

I'll call you a name: moron. Michigan has a brutal legacy of racism, Klan membership and Nazi activity.

If you think not redressing the white preference policies which governed Michigan is promoting Civil Rights, why are you whining about being called a Nazi.

Connerly is a fool who hates being black and thinks that he can make deals with the devil
Phoenix Woman, I read it far enough to see that he equated unions to extortionists and opponents of Proposal 2 to the KKK and concluded that he was probably a fatuous little windbag.

Whether he's overtly a white supremacist or not is of very little interest. A majority of Americans say they believe in the Constitution. They also know that job discrimination exists. But they refuse to do anything concrete to make our national reality match our rhetoric.

It still takes an African American extra effort to find a job. He or she pays higher loan rates than a white.

This is wrong.

And yet fatuous little windbags still play games with ballot proposals trying to prevent the slightest bit of relief for these wrongs.

Why don't they put their efforts to genuinely ending inequality. so that we can all say that there is no need for affirmative action?

When will America say, "Discrimination is wrong, and TODAY it is history?"
To all: please do not put any more gasoline on the fire. It is burning brightly enough.

With thanks,

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