Wednesday, December 29, 2004


FoxBlocker: Scam or Salvation?

When I first heard about the FoxBlocker, I liked it a lot -- and I gave up my cable years ago. I've been contemplating creating a neato pic link for them -- free advertising, if you will. But there have been naysayers (most of them conservatives, natch) stating that the product is a ripoff, and that the same effect can be achieved for free merely by reprogramming the remote or the cable box. (Note well: FoxBlocker doesn't work on digital or satellite systems. Yet.) Then again, if you've ever wasted a few hours of your life trying to reprogram a remote (and let's not even talk about pulling off the back of the cable box -- or the risk of doing something that requires the cable techs to make a service call), spending $9 plus shipping for something that even Spongebob Squarepants can install in thirty seconds suddenly seems like a pretty good deal. (Besides, with each order, FOXBlocker sends an e-mail in your name to FOX's advertisers letting them know what you've done and why.)

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