Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Gallup: Internet The Only US Media That's Not Losing Ground

It looks as if people are turning off their TVs, dumping their radios, and throwing out their newspapers in droves, according to Gallup (via DailyKos and E&P):

                    Now      2002
TV Local News        51       57
Local Newspaper      44       47
Cable News           39       41
TV Network News      36       43
Internet             20       15
National Newspapers   7       11
Here's the original E&P story. And here's a link to Gallup's free synopsis of the poll (the poll itself is behind a pay-to-view wall). I don't mind cable losing eyeballs -- CNN stopped being worthwhile ages ago. And I'd like to think that blogs like Kos and Eschaton and overseas news websites like that of The Guardian would pick up the slack and then some. But it looks as if people just aren't bothering to follow the news at all any more. NPR lost 5% in two years -- that's worse than how cable fared, and almost as bad as how broadcast news did. (I'd love to know how Jon Stewart did.) Hey, Media Borg! Think this might be because you all stopped doing real news back when Ronnie Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine for you? Isn't it the least bit interesting that Kos and Eschaton together have in three years gone from nothing to getting more readers than the Philadelphia Inquirer? Maybe if the US Corporate Press stopped genuflecting in front of the RNC, they might be able to regain the customers they've lost.
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