Saturday, December 25, 2004


Tell Rossi to Concede!

A message from the folks at Progressive Majority:

Everyone at Progressive Majority has gone home for the holidays, and I just couldn't leave without making sure that all of our members learned about what's happening in the Washington State Governor's race because we can make a difference. For months, the Right has been calling on Chris Gregoire to concede before all the votes are counted. They've gone to court to prevent the counting of more than 700 valid ballots from King County. But just recently we've found out that none of that matters, because even without those votes, Gregoire has won the hand recount. Now it's time for Dino Rossi to concede. The right wing in Washington is now up to the same dirty tricks that the right wing in Florida used in 2000 and we must stop them. They have had their moment in the sun, declaring an early victory and crying foul at every turn. But now we know that the true results, even on their terms, will make Chris Gregoire the next governor of Washington. She promised that if she lost the hand recount, she would concede gracefully. Let's send a message to Dino Rossi demanding that he do the same thing. Take action: Progressive Majority fought hard to elect progressive champions to the Washington state legislature. Together, we took back the state senate. We cannot -- and will not -- stand by and let those gains be canceled by the right wing's well-oiled machine attempting to steal this election. Dean M. Nielsen Washington State Director Progressive Majority P.S. - This is going to be decided in hours so I urge you to act quickly... we must increase public pressure so that local officials know that progressives support every vote being counted. Tell a friend to take action too! Paid for by Progressive Majority,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contributions to Progressive Majority are not tax deductible

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