Friday, December 31, 2004


US Media Dutifully Cleans Up After Bush's Tsunami Comments

The US corporate media, ever-eager to put Our Dear Leader in as good a light as they possibly can, are now striving to pretend that Bush's initial offer of aid was $35 million, when in fact it was only $4 million, which was then upped to $15 million, then to $35 million. Oh, and the last $20 million of that promised $35 million is actually a "line of credit" -- aka a loan, presumably with interest. So even the $35 million is not as generous as BushCo's media buddies pretend it to be. As Atrios mentioned earlier this week, Bush is spending at least that much on his second inauguration party in DC. Now, those of you who might be inclined to excuse the US press on this -- or let them excuse themselves with the "laziness/sloppiness" excuse -- consider this: In his remarks to the media on the tsunami relief efforts, Bush actually said "35 billion", not "35 million". But every single member of the US press has graciously corrected this rather glaring error without comment. If they're paying enough attention to know when and how to clean up after him on a routine basis -- even as they pounce on far-less-egregious misstatements by Democrats (remember their attacks on Gore, Dean and Kerry?) -- then they're paying enough attention to know that $35 million was NOT the initial offer. But you know, Bush can say whatever he wants, promise whatever he wants, and lie like a rug whenever he wants -- the lapdog media cleans up after him and looks the other way when he does something truly horrific. Bush promised $400 million for African AIDS relief two years ago. $400 million. Guess how much he has actually sent? None. Period. And no one in the US press will call him on this -- at least, no one on a medium that might actually be seen or heard by most Americans.

What's amazing to me is not that the press is lying. It's that we know they are lying and they know that we know. And every so often, we flood their e-mails with jeers and they still pretend that they are The Paper of Record or Fair and Balanced or whatever lie they use to characterize their pattern of lying.

In the Soviet Union, at least after the reign of Stalin, there was actually tacit admission that the media were lying. As long as announcers were loyal in official settings, no one minded if they privately said whatever they wanted. But our media are so totally whipped that it's rare even for private, anonymous confessions.

That's amazing-- that Bushco and GOPWorld have created a propaganda system so seamless that it puts the USSR in the shade.
Interesting post. That explains why my husband and I heard conflicting reports a few days ago. He came home from work saying he heard 35 billion. I told him I had read online that we were giving 15 million in aid compared to China's 35 million. Of course, now, we just see the repeated 35 million everywhere.

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