Monday, December 27, 2004


Whistling in the Dark, 2004 Tory Holiday Edition

Talk about your crazed juxtapositions. This morning I read a StarTribune reprint of an LAT column by two Tories who work for The Economist, in which it was stated that those crazy decadent Yurrupeen surrender monkeys have, now that Bush is squatting for another four years, seen the manly Ayn-Randian/Coulterian light and are face-punching each other for a chance to lick Bush' boots. Which is funny as hell, because the Europeans don't seem to be doing that at all. Instead, as Atrios points out, they're enjoying watching their common currency rise to unprecedented heights. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that the euro was mocked in conservative circles, and the mocking trickled down into the "mainstream" press, which then trickled it on us. Oh, by the way: If Europe was in such an all-fired hurry to placate Big George and His Mighty Hairy Sack of Doom, then why haven't they been pouring troops into Iraq to help out our overstretched forces over there? Why hasn't the Coalition of the Willing grown? Instead, Hungary still went ahead with its troop pullout for November and December 2004, and other COW members are set to join the growing COTUTSAPTDFGWBI, or Coalition Of Those Unwilling To Send Anymore People To Die For George W. Bush's Idiocies. Next from these same authors: Why We Really ARE Winning In Iraq, Honest!

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