Saturday, March 26, 2005


GOP Blogger: Kos Loves Censorship!

You and I know that's baloney, but a third-string Minnesota conservablogger pitched that line to the StarTribune:

During the 2004 election campaign Kos and some of his liberal blogger friends organized a boycott of the Sinclair advertisers over a Sinclair decision to run a John Kerry documentary that Kos and the left thought was unfair. Seems to me that this was a direct attack on freedom of the press, and a blatant attempt to control the media.
Since when is fighting slander and lies "censorship"? Sinclair's ownership, despite the pleas from its employees and others, persisted in showing a thoroughly discredited anti-Kerry piece, wrongly presented as an unbiased "documentary", that was filled with lies and slanders. Kos and others fought to prevent this from happening. Write the Strib at and tell them not to cave to conservatives. No matter how loudly they shout, their shouting doesn't make them right.

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