Monday, March 28, 2005


Run Away! Run Away!

The "we don't pay attention to polls" administration is, in the face of across-the-board negative reaction from even most evangelicals, trying to run away from the Terri Schiavo case as fast as it possibly can.

As Dubya starts to see his numbers slide, This Week reported that the Bush administration are starting to distance themselves from Republicans on Capitol Hill, leaking that Bush didn't even want to return to Washington to sign the Schiavo bill last Sunday.
But this is too little, too late:
In the spin wars, it's now clear that while the Democrats might have ran for cover last week, their storyline of the Republicans politicizing a family dispute in Florida has had traction in the polls.
What's more, Bush is still trying to push the equally-unpopular plan to destroy Social Security. This has been a goal of his for decades, at least since 1978, when he claimed it would "go bust" in ten years. Remember, it was his pushing SS privatization in 2000 -- and he called it "privatization" back then; this was before the 2002 focus groups sent the Republicans into full-scale Orwellian un-personing of that word -- that caused Bush to go from a double-digit lead in Florida to losing the state to Gore so badly that it took all of Jeb's and Scalia's worst efforts to steal it back. (Thanks to Kevin Drum for the catch.)

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