Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Around the World in 60 Seconds

There are interesting developments worldwide. 1. Berlusconi's opponents swept the by-elections. Look for Italy to move left, though Berlusconi has a formidable Wurlitzer in operation. 2. Scandal hits the Canadian center/left. Look for gains on the right and left. So far the left has been unable to capitalize on opportunity, but this could change. 3. Thanks to a vote scandal and disenchantment with Blair, British New Labour looks to be about to take a whipping. Unfortunately, neither major alternative party (Tory or LibDems) is really progressive and both will benefit from Labour's pains. Look for gains by extremists as well. 4. There are very positive developments in South America, as there seems to be a continent-wide commitment to emerging from under the thumb of US domination. If the US goes into Iran, there is a good chance of success, although the US has major covert operations underway in SA. Venezuela Headline has the story. Philip Agee, a penitent CIA operative, exposes how the CIA works to destabilize governments. 5. Mexico faces instability due to the attempt to prevent a popular opponent to Vicente Fox from running. I wish there were time to cover more, since there are interesting developments in many other places.
All of Labour's losses would be reversed if only somebody could convinced Tony Blair to do the honourable thing and let Gordon Brown take over.

I'd love to see Blair lose his own constituency, but that's not going to happen.
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