Friday, April 22, 2005


Axis of Evil -1 + 4

From the Beeb: "Condoleezza Rice, President George W Bush's nominee for secretary of state, has hinted at the direction of future US foreign policy by identifying six 'outposts of tyranny' around the world." Cuba, Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, France, and IRAN Oh, wait. Not France. Belarus. Anyway, you get the idea.
So Cuba, which unlike the US has universal health care, is worse than, Uzbekistan, whose leader boils people alive for kicks?

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is indeed a jerk -- and his land reform program is more about placating his underpaid followers than about actual land reform -- but I seriously doubt that life under him is that bad, even for the formerly-privileged whites, as it is for the average woman in, say, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia.
Arrrgh. I meant to say "as bad", not "that bad".
I wouldn't take any bets on the latter, PW. Zimbabwe is pretty hair raising.

But what's clear is that everything is political for the Bushes.

There are lots of tyrannies.

Some of them are brutal.

Some are on the list.

And some of them are US clients.

Hypocrisy truly has a home in Washington DC.
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