Thursday, April 07, 2005


City Pages Hits Three Home Runs This Week

The Twin Cities alternative weekly City Pages (which is part of the Village Voice empire) is generally worth reading, but they've been on a particularly hot streak lately. Steve Perry and Molly Priesmeyer trace the beginnings of the last and most insane stage of the Terri Schiavo media frenzy to two things: the October 2003 decision of Terri's parents, the Schindlers, to hook up with convicted felon and all-around nutball Randall Terry of Operation Rescue, and Terry's October 13, 2003 appearance on FOX with Sean Hannity. Once FOX started covering it -- and almost entirely from the Schindlers' side -- the other networks and newspapers felt they had to join in the fun. Mike Mosedale writes on misguided fishermen blaming the cormorant, instead of themselves, for lowered sport-fishing populations -- and how reams of evidence exonerating the cormorant is brushed aside by bloodthirsty geeks who just want an excuse to kill something that can't fight back. (If these idiots really wanted to put their blood lust to good use, they should lay off the cormorants and go get a deer hunting license instead: Minnesota in particular has far too many deer and they're destroying the natural undergrowth in our forests.) And because I'm a Twins fan, I'm passing along the cover story: Why Bert Blyleven Should Be In The Hall Of Fame.

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