Friday, April 15, 2005


The DeLay-USANext Connection

Remember the USANext/United Seniors Association dingbats? The front group for the pharmaceutical lobby? Well, turns out that they have big-time connections to both Tom DeLay and to disgraced DeLay pal Jack Abramoff:

USA Next's powerful connections, however, extend beyond contributors. In fiscal year 2003, other records show, USA Next mistakenly filed with the IRS a list of its top five contractors. The top contractor for that tax year, earning more than $1.3 million, was a firm whose founder is also a principal in another firm with strong ties to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). And United Seniors has packed its board with prominent Republican consultants over the years. Board members include Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist under investigation by the Justice Department and Congress who also has links to DeLay.
The Republican leadership wants to pretend it can throw DeLay over the side and limit the damage to itself. But he's inserted himself into the party's machinery in so many ways that when he goes, he'll be taking plenty of folks with him. That's why we're now calling it "DeLay, Inc." Because Tom's just the CEO of the whole corrupt enterprise.

Does anyone see the incestuous web these conservatives are tangled in? The recent media coverage of Alexander Strategy Group has lead me to conduct a deeper review of the lobbying firm’s true intentions and connections to conservative issues, specifically USA Next and the privatization of Social Security. Is anyone familiar with “Advocacy Technologies LLC?” I’ve come across this group, but have not found much. According the April 10, 2005 Chicago Tribune, USA Next paid them $1.3 million in 2003 for media placements. They are located down the hall from Alexander Strategy Group at 3000 K Street in DC. Is there a relationship between Advocacy Technologies and Alexander Strategy Group? Does USA Next sincerely care about seniors or are they really a conservative front group? Here is what I can piece together…

The Degrees of Separation:

Ed Buckham
Founder of Alexander Strategy Group
Former Chief of Staff to Tom DeLay
Introduced DeLay to Jack Abramoff

Christine DeLay
Employed by Alexander Strategy Group

Mike Mihalke
Sr. Partner at Alexander Strategy Group
Founder of Advocacy Technologies LLC
Former Board Member of USA Next

Jack Abramoff
Former Board Member of USA Next

Beau Boulter
Former Carmen Group Lobbyist for USA Next
Former GOP Congressman from Texas, one of the "Texas Six-Pack" of Republicans elected in 1984, along with Dick Armey and Tom DeLay.

David Keene
Carmen Group Lobbyist for USA Next
Chairman of American Conservative Union
National Political Director for George H. W. Bush in 1980

Karl Rove
Ran George H. W. Bush's unsuccessful primary campaign for president in 1980.
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