Sunday, April 17, 2005


File This Under "I Knew He Was Evil, But I Didn't Realize He Was Stupid"

Maybe it's just that he's had so much power and money for so long, and been so well insulated against the consequences of his actions for so long, that he simply got out of the habit of thinking. But it's hard not to wonder how much of Tom DeLay's reputation as a wizard exists simply because he substitutes sleaziness for brainpower -- especially when you see things like this:

DeLay has denied any wrongdoing. He showed a typically combative streak over the weekend when he talked about the allegations against him and then referred to Sarah Brady, the wife of the former White House press secretary Jim Brady, who was shot in the assassination attempt against former President Ronald Reagan. "Sarah Brady said that when a man's in trouble or in a good fight you want all your friends around them, preferably armed," DeLay said in a speech to the National Rifle Association. "So I feel really good."
For you young'uns whose schools don't teach this because your school boards are stacked with Fundies, Sarah Brady and her husband Jim are among America's best-known advocates of gun control. In other words, they are NOT the NRA's favorite human beings. And the feeling is mutual. Secondly, if Sarah Brady really did say what Tom DeLay says she did -- and to judge from what I've seen of her over the past quarter-century, I sincerely doubt it -- it sure as hell hasn't turned up on Google.

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