Monday, April 11, 2005


Frist's Phony "Distancing"

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who less than a month ago helped fellow Republican Tom DeLay force the United States Congress to meddle in the affairs of Terri Schiavo, has joined George Bush and Rick Santorum in seeming to publicly distance himself from DeLay over the the Bug Man's attacks on the US judiciary. However, even though the Cat-Killer's publicly against DeLay's anti-judge vendetta, his actions when he thinks he's alone with a few special friends show that he's all for it. Yesterday, at Cat-Killer Frist's invitation, David Barton -- a Republican consultant, vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party, linked to the racist "Christian Identity" movement, and one of the ringleaders of the anti-judge crusade -- was scheduled to lead him and other senators on an evening tour of the Capitol, offering "a fresh perspective on our nation's religious heritage." Barton's comments on judges make Tom DeLay sound like Noam Chomsky. This is something that cannot be emphasized enough by us. The Republican leaders are trying to pretend that DeLay is the source of all woe in the GOP, but we know better.

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