Friday, April 22, 2005


Going for the Loser Trifecta

Let's see, now: The GOP's push to destroy Social Security: Backfired. The GOP's DeLay-fueled decision to meddle in the Schiavo case on behalf of fringe pretend Christians like Randall Terry: REALLY backfired. And now, with the Republicans' own internal public opinion polls showing that the American people strongly oppose Republican efforts to trash the filibuster process in the Senate (yeah, it's just for judicial nominations now, but you know damned well that the Republicans will try to eliminate all filibusters if they think they'll never lose control of Congress ever again), will we see the GOP go for the Loser Trifecta? Considering how deeply they've gone into political and financial hock to the religio-racist right, they probably feel that they don't have a choice but to plow ahead. Which, as 2006 looms and the Congresscritters both need to spend 70% of their time on election fundraising while simultaneously trying to placate both the fringies and the normals, is going to be a momentous and nervewracking decision for them. Why, it might almost be enough for them to join the sane two-thirds of the American people and decide to support public financing of elections. (Maybe.)

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